December 14, 2015

SSO is not initialized

After upgrading vCenter from 6.0 to 6.0U1 we had the vCenter GUI back. This HTML5 based GUI will allow you to manipulate certificates and several other things that you could only configure from appliancesh before U1.

After the upgrade we experienced an error message within this GUI: "SSO is not initialized". This system was running an external PSC and authentication was working nicely as it should do. We didn't quite understand why this error message was there.

We had a support case going on this problem for a few weeks. We were repeatedly told to repoint our SSO until they finally told us that this error message was in fact a bug: "...this is something that we are looking to rectify as this information should not be shown when using an external PSC.
Our Engineering department are aware of this are looking to make a graphical change to this.
With regards to your environment however, I can confirm that SSO is functioning correctly and you are not experiencing an issue with SSO at this time."

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