April 1, 2023

CloudBuilder fails to deploy vCenter during initial deployment

When deploying VCF 4.5 you should be able to do that in an air gapped environment that has no access to the internet. In such cases you will need to get updates and such into the environment manually, but it's still a supported solution.

When running the initial bring up process deployment will fail with the message: "vCenter installation failed. Check logs for more details.". The vcf-bringup.log file will tell you that the vCenter appliance was deployed and started, but that there's was problem with the time of this appliance. 

The ntp parameters you have specified in your spreadsheet have been populated correctly in /etc/ntp.conf of the Cloud Builder appliance, but the logs show that it's trying to connect to the Google ntp servers.


The only solution we've found so far is to either impersonate Google's ntp entries in dns or to open the firewall and let Cloud Builder communicate with these external servers. Cloud Builder is only used during bring up so these workarounds can be reverted once the environment is up and running. 

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