March 7, 2014

vMotion not getting enabled on vmkernel interface when using Host Profiles

In an environment where we are using Host Profiles and Auto Deploy we experienced a problem with vMotion not getting enabled on the given vmkernel nic even though it was specified in the Host Profiles.

The error message we had was "Given Services are not enabled on the group". As shown in the picture above we also had an error message regarding Network coredump.

We could easily verify that vMotion had not been enabled by Host Profiles and if we enabled it manually it would work as it should.

After talking to VMware Support we were told that this was a known bug and that a patch will be released in the future.

The workaround to get  vMotion working automatically again was to disable the Network Coredump settings that was configured in Host Profiles.

If you're booting ESXi statelessly or from sdcard you will now get a warning "No coredump target has been configured. Host core dumps cannot be saved."

This warning is completely true and in case of a PSOD no data will get dumped anywhere now that this setting is disabled. If you want to get rid of this warning message you can set UserVars.SuppressCoreDumpWarning to 1. In order to include this setting in your Host Profile you will first need to set it on one of your hosts and then use that host as a reference for your profile (Copy settings from Host).

Products used:
vCenter 5.5 build 1466327
ESXi build 1474528 and 1331820


  1. hey lars, this is not only happening to people with host profile compliance, but in a DRS and HA cluster as well.

    is this also happening if you export your logs to a vcenter server?

  2. Exporting syslog to the vcenter does not seem to affect this, only the network coredump settings.