June 17, 2013

Error installing VMware Blast: Failed to communicate with LDAP server

VMware Blast installs on the Connection server, not the Security server, but Blast gets available from the Security server after installing it on the connection server. Blast provides clientless access to VMware View desktops through HTML5 instead of a PCoIP/RDP/RGS client.

After trying to install VMware Blast using a local administrator account on the connection server we had the following error message: "1: Failed to communicate with LDAP server. Please check if the installer is running on a Connection Server machine. Contact your administrator for the support."

The user that is used during installation of VMware Blast needs admin privileges in VMware View Manager. Either grant the user access or use another user.


  1. We are receiving this error also during installation on a Security Server which is not a domain member. However, I do not understand completely how you resolved this. I cannot change the user since it is not a domain member.

  2. Joshua,
    The security server should never be a member of the domain. When you install the security server it creates an IPSEC tunnel to the connection server. The VMware Blast installation is done on the Connection server. This may sound a bit strange, but it will also automatically install the needed pieces on the security server through this tunnel.


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